holy smokes


Friday night was absolutely amazing. Thank you so much to all who made it out to support, all those who are listening to the album, all those who helped with the music video... we couldn't have done it without so many of you and we are really grateful for the magic we were part of at our release party.

This is our longest project yet, and by a lot. We have been sitting on some of those songs for two years, and on Friday we were finally able to release Eye Of The Storm in to the wild, the track used for our brand new music video. The video was a massive organizational undertaking but we are so pleased with how stylish it turned out. I think all of us have a bit of nostalgia for the 90's, especially in some of our musical influences, and we're pretty proud to let that shine through all the shots.

The video will be up soon but for now, here's our brand new EP that we are so, so proud of and excited to share with you: Hope For The Lovers.

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