Flash Flood

I wanted to give a little insight to this tweet and the name of our debut EP... mostly for those of you who may have heard about us fairly recently.

I'm from Canmore, a very picturesque, small town in Alberta nestled right in the Rocky Mountains. The Bow River and other streams coming from the mountains cut through the town in several spots, and many houses were built right on the edge of the creeks. In June 2013, Canmore experienced one of the worst floods in it's short history. Mudslides from the mountains actually caused the Trans-Canada highway to close, cutting the residents off from neighbouring towns and cities, and the some the homes built on the edge of the creek were actually washed away. I watched as my friends posted pictures on social media of roads crumbling from the rising creek. No one was hurt and a lot of Canmorites stepped up to rebuild their community. From the last time I visited, I can tell there's still a fair bit of work to do, but they're definitely well on their way. Not even two weeks later, Toronto experienced a similar plight. When we first formed last year, we were fortunate to get on a really fantastic bill at The Drake Underground on Queen Street for our debut show. We were -obviously- pretty pumped. That ended up being the same night of the insane flooding all over Toronto. I remember looking at instagram pictures of cars halfway underwater underneath the bridge at Dufferin and Queen, not too far from our hosting venue. I was freaking out slightly about both being able to get there on time (I stayed late at work because our building was flooding) and whether or not we'd be able to bring anyone out. When I finally arrived at home, where my basement had flooded, I got a call saying that the show was off as The Drake Underground had actually flooded and had experienced some damage. We finished our debut EP about a month later and couldn't think of a more appropriate title. Last Friday night rolls around and I am beyond excited to play, watch some bands, and sell some CDs. As we're rolling out our gear on to our porch, it starts drizzling... then it started to come down a little harder... suddenly, torrential downpour. Maybe it's good luck. Maybe I should hope that when we release our next recorded works I should hope for some sort of crazy weather. --- The flooding certainly didn't stop people from showing up to the Sister. We sold a bunch of EPs, got to watch the witty songwriting of Stewart Byfield, the explosively tight Mip Power Trio, and the hard hitting blues of Subject To Change. All in all, fantastic night. If you were able to come, I hope you got a chance to listen to our CD already! If you didn't make it out, we have a few shows over the next few weeks and we'll sell em to ya, otherwise, you can stream and purchase it from our Bandcamp page (or our LISTEN page!). We'd love to hear what you think, and you can do so here. Write us a little note, or just pick your favourite song from the drop-down menu - don't worry, you can do it anonymously. We appreciate it immensely! I wanted to leave you with a picture of us looking pretty happy to be on stage, despite the weather having some sick fun with us. Bring it on! Thanks to our pal Olivia for taking an insta-shot of us. -J.