J. STRAUTMAN - bass guitar / lead vox. / flute

SHANE MACPHERSON - lead guitar / vox

AARON FLORENDO - rhythm guitar / vox / keys


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Rotary Dial makes art-prog pop/rock music that doesn't try to be anything other than sincere and genuine. The passionate lyrics delivered by Lead Vocalist and Bassist Jenna Strautman weave between the lush guitars of Shane MacPherson and Aaron Florendo, and are bolstered by the powerful rhythms of drummer Devin Jannetta. The band prides themselves on being consistently fun and intimate while playing live, and always strive to create a dynamic and charming show.

Toronto is home to Rotary Dial, and within two years of formation the band had played successful shows at landmark venues such as The Horseshoe Tavern, The Drake Underground, The Silver Dollar Room, and Velvet Underground. Although large rooms suit the dynamic well, Rotary Dial loves to make every show, regardless of venue size, the best party in the city on any given night. Between the live shows, the band also released a debut EP ( The Flash Flood EP ) just two months into their founding, and a follow up EP ( Root Beer Floats ) only a year later, both received well by fans. The band has just surpassed their next milestone of releasing a debut music video alongside a new EP entitled Hope For The Lovers, which launched June 9th, 2017.

In both the live and recording setting, songs vary from punchy to delicate. Every time the band hits the stage, something new is delivered and the songs are given plenty of room to change and evolve over time. Songwriting duties are mainly split between Jenna Strautman and Shane MacPherson, though every song is built and realized with every member’s input. Musically complementary and thematically diverse, the songs are novel and relatable.