16 – THE TOWER Key Words – External disruptance, unexpected events, revelation Key Phrases – Acceptance that no defense is totally secure. Suddenly seeing the truth of the matter. Dramatic upheaval. Unexpected challenges. Chaos all around you. 15 – THE DEVIL Key Words – Materialism, living a lie, temptation Key Phrases – Ignorance in relationship. Thirst for power. Being obsessed.… Read more →


Friends, we have been working tirelessly on bringing new content to you and we have finally, FINALLY, finished everything and have a date ready for you. Friday, June 9th @ The Garrison. This is a show you absolutely should not miss, for several reasons: Our music video will be actually debuting that night. In the venue. With everyone there. No, not… Read more →

holy smokes

Rotary Dial, you're the best pic.twitter.com/X86NAvz1nX— Sean Fitzgerald (@SeanDFitzgerald) June 10, 2017 Yowza! Friday night was absolutely amazing. Thank you so much to all who made it out to support, all those who are listening to the album, all those who helped with the music video… we couldn’t have done it without so many of you and we are really… Read more →


We have one hell of a fall season coming up, and we’re super busy getting ready for a brand new EP release, plus a lil extra. For now, get yerselves ready for this: We’re playing The Garrison for the first time w/ The Nursery, roboteyes, & Altered By Mom. We’ve been working really hard and would love to party it… Read more →

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We're headlining March 5th at The Horseshoe!

We'll have something special there for you too.

(I can't help but rhyme... all the time.)

Click on the poster to RSVP. ♥

2015 Quick Update!

We’re pretty excited to announce that we’ll be joining Innocent Guns for their CD release party, alongside The Anti-Queens! Two bands we’ve been wanting to party down on stage with for a while so we’re gonna make it good, real good. We’ll probably have some new stuff to show you too. If you’ve been good.  Click on this beauty to… Read more →

Flash Flood

Flash Flood. Of course. #toronto #storm #holygeez — Rotary Dial (@rotarydialband) September 6, 2014 I wanted to give a little insight to this tweet and the name of our debut EP… mostly for those of you who may have heard about us fairly recently. I’m from Canmore, a very picturesque, small town in Alberta nestled right in the Rocky Mountains.… Read more →